About Us

A Bit About Molly Mine

Here is a tidbit about me, not that I’m anything and would be nothing without the grace of God. So if you take the time to read this you must be bored, lol.

My name is Linda Atwill, I live in Campbell, Texas. I am the proud mom of Molly Kate, born in 2003 and Caleb, born in 2005. My children make me laugh all day long, I’m very happy even when life isn’t that great because of them and the fact that I know Jesus and He has been my friend all my life. I’ve had a relationship with the Lord as far back as my memories go. He is the one constant in my life.

My Son

My son is autistic, in the middle of the spectrum, and makes some things challenging but overall is very low maintenance! Most people can’t tell unless they try to have a conversation with him but the older he gets the more his autism is apparent simply because of his vocabulary, far away looks and random quotes. He is so fun though, and boy is he handsome if I do say so myself.

My Daughter

Molly, you guessed it Molly Mine namesake, is well... Lets just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I’m a nut tree and she is a nut. Joined at the hip with me when she is home, as high maintenance as they come but worth it all because she makes me laugh and loves Jesus.


I’m a HUGE cut-up and love making people laugh, esp. at my own expense. I have to have a sense of humor because my daughter took my pretty and my son took my cute and I’ve been bankrupt in the “beauty” area of my life for quite a while, so spontaneous humor is all I have to fall back on. My friends live in fear because they never know what I’m going to do next, or God forbid bust a move. Fortunately my friends are as crazy as I am so it’s all good.

I started Molly Mine in 2006 after my son was born and really didn’t know anything about embroidery. I purchased a BabyLock Ellegante which I still love and use. It came with a beginner software program which I taught myself. I became very frustrated at first because I was studying the WRONG part of the program. I was trying to learn the auto-digitizing part of the program but didn’t know that because I had no experience in the field of digitizing at all, so I gave up.

Then I purchased an adorable design from “another” digitizer that’s quality wasn’t near as good as it looked and I remember thinking it was just ridiculous! Why was this step and that step not combined, why was it starting there and stopping there, why is there a jump stitch there, etc.... So I did what some might consider a no no. I decided to open the editing side of the software I had tried to learn and low and behold I discovered manual punching quite by accident. I redigitized the bad design (for my use only and it was deleted years ago, I also told the owner of the design and sent the redo to them) and it stitched great and I was off and running! One night I was lying in bed thinking about what I could do that no one else has done and the Lord gave me the idea for the children’s soft books. I searched the web for days making sure it hadn’t been done before and it hadn’t so I made the Colors, Numbers and Christmas books. I’ve been selling them for years and people love them. I started selling on eBay and soon had my own website. Later I started constructing them differently so my digitizing does improve a lot as I go along.

There are lots of imitators out there now but no one can copy the quality of Molly Mine Designs! Just getting honest here, anyone who has been a member of Molly Mine for any length of time knows that I’ve never sent an email referring to a quality comparison with others. However I’ve seen several blatant copies of the Molly Mine girls purse, books and quilt blocks yet no one can duplicate their quality and construction. Molly Mine was the first in the world to ever create an in-the-hoop soft book for children and appliqued embellished crazy quilts with the Molly Mine technique, for which I give God all the glory.

I know I’m slow but I make sure my designs are sound and quality is the best before I sell anything! Molly Mine quilt blocks look great and stitch great because I LOVE what I do and perfected my hand embroidery skills before starting crazy quilt machine embroidery. I won at the Texas State Fair numerous times with hand embroidery I designed myself.

Molly Mine blocks have lots of motifs that are digitized to look handmade. Put the quality of Molly Mine designs up against any other company and you will see for yourself: less jumps, fuller, bolder more detailed motifs, easy to follow color charts and exclusive motifs you will find nowhere else. Their copycat may look similar but the quality will tell you if it’s Molly Mine.

Please take some time to read the reviews if you have not tried Molly Mine designs yet.

If you EVER have a problem with any of the Molly Mine designs please email me and I will figure out what is going on. If it’s a new set it may be something that happened during the conversion process and needs to be addressed, if it is an older set, your designs may have become corrupt during download. There are other variables so please read the Customer Service page at Molly Mine to see if your problem is addressed there, and anytime you can contact me at heather@mollymine.com for help./p>

This photo was taken by a dear friend of mine, Ronda Burns, whilst I was unawares, lol. Taken at our church annual trunk-or-treat, hence the 3 sizes too big yeehaw dress and hat. I always look like a hick but more so on this occasion, and if this is the best photo of me then you understand my humble nature about my looks, haha.

So here we are, way down here at the bottom of the page and if you took the time to read all this God bless you and email me and I’ll add you to my prayer list as I’m sure you need help, lol.