Brag Book 4×4



Molly Mine Digitized The First Made In The Hoop Soft Books For Children. Made completely in-the-hoop, so fun to make!

There are 14 designs that allow you to customize your book the way you want it. To give you more flexibility there are also 3 blanks you can use to make your own pages using your designs and fonts.

There is a second set of frames without the eyelets so you can sew them on your other projects!

Also included in this set are all the individual designs included in the 5×7 brag book set!

Some of the frames have a small area for a name.

There is a cover that is included that looks like the Grandma and Grandpa’s Brag Book but the opening is square.

Most of the designs have eyelets on both sides so you can choose which side you want your page to fit into your book, you will only stitch one set of eyelets per page.