Brag Book 5×7

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Molly Mine Digitized The First Made In The Hoop Soft Books For Children. Made completely in-the-hoop, so fun to make!

TWO SETS in one (frame set shown)
One set is for 5×7 photo frames and one set has eyelets like my other books to create a one of a kind photo album just the way you want it.You can personalize most of the frames an also included are 5 blank pages with applique frames for you to create even more pages just the way you want them. The blanks are included as frames and as book pages.This is a very flexible set because not only can you use them for 5×7 photo frames and to make a photo album book but you can also make cards, sew them on bags, quilts or anything your imagination can come up with.

WITH 10 PRE-DIGITIZED FRAMES + 5 EXTRA BLANK PAGES AND ABOUT 40 INDIVIDUAL DESIGNS to use on other projects you just can’t loose with this set.Set comes with complete instructions and color charts

This set was fun to stitch and is full of motif stitches, one example would be the towel in the tub time frame, there are 4 different stitches in this design, the top of the towel has tiny boats with a rope motif below, fill stitch and satin stitch which can be cut to look like towel fringe.

This book is also available for the 4×4 hoop.

The pig and kitty are the artwork of Esther House and my book model was stitched by Linda Martin.