Crazy Quilt Series 4 Mega Hoop

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Crazy Quilt Series 4 crazy quilt embroidery machine designs for the Mega Hoop! There are two mega hoop sizes 230 x 230 or 9.01″ and 9.45 x 9.45″ or 240 x 240 mm. This series features botanicals, is very busy and has a more Victorian look. Each block comes with an applique edge and a 1/4″ clearance so they can be joined, for a total of 20 designs in your zip file. This series will go perfectly with any of the other crazy quilt sets from Molly Mine. There are lots of original custom digitized motifs you won’t find anywhere but Molly Mine!

9.01×9.01″ or 230×230 mm

9.45×9.45″ or 240×240 mm