Shapes Book & Quilt

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Molly Mine Digitized The First Made In The Hoop Soft Books For Children. Made completely in-the-hoop, so fun to make! In this set you get the option of making a book or a quilt! Individual embroidery machine designs are: star, moon, sun, bear, domino, pizza, abc block, baseball diamond, heart, music note, stop sign, and flower.

With the book you have many shapes to choose from to make the book up to 12 pages.

You can make a quilt or floor mat game for your little one to learn his shapes!

Included in this set are quilt block appliqués with the shape outline and you add a little Velcro in the center, with the shaped designs sewn separately then backed with felt so it can be attached to the matching shape outline on the block!

The individual designs can also be used on bags, quilts, clothing or anything for baby or baby’s room!To put this book together I used buttons and elastic cord and it worked great!
Complete directions are included for the quilt, game pieces and book.