Bug Book

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Molly Mine Digitized The First Made In The Hoop Soft Books For Children. Made completely in-the-hoop, so fun to make!


Personalize this book with a special child’s name! Guide to Good And Bad Bugs is a good tool to teach small children what they can and cannot pick up. My daughter has been bit by a brown recluse and has tried to catch bumble bees so in my eyes this is a good teaching tool! This set has some of the bugs from each of my bug sets in book format.

Even if your child can’t read they will know if it’s a good or bad bug because on good bug pages there is a smiley face and on pages with a bug they shouldn’t pick up there’s a frowney face.

I realize that even the bad bugs can be beneficial but that can be explained later, at this early age they just need to know they don’t need to touch certain bugs.



Bug Book