Crazy Quilt Blocks Series 2 Sew And Flip

Original price was: $69.99 – $174.95.Current price is: $35.00 – $87.48.


New re-digitized Series 2 Crazy Quilt Blocks embroidery machine designs with new motifs in the stitch and flip method! 20 blocks completely embellished. This series is a sew and flip method of piecework. There are no applique lines holding the pieces down which gives the designs a lower stitch count so they stitch up quicker! Designs come with all the motif pictured, turtles and trees, owls and flowers, fruit and berries and much more.

These are super easy and a tutorial walks you through the first few steps of each block with step by step color charts that will walk you through the rest.

This set contains 20 blocks with a thin zigzag edge for quilting with all embellishments shown and 20 of the same blocks with a full applique border for adding the block to bags or other things that require a finished edge.

The older series have been requested many time to be available in the stitch and flip so to answer your requests they are all being made over!

There are no additional discounts for purchasing this series if you have already purchased the applique series’. Since this has a new layout and lots of new motifs it’s essentially a new series.

Hoop Size Actual Size In mm Stitch Counts From And Up To
4 x 4 hoop 100 x 100 9038 14291
5 x 7 hoop 130 x 130 10656 21768
6 x 8 hoop 150 x 150 11883 24476
7 x 10 hoop 180 x 180 13210 26071
8 x 12 hoop 200 x 200 13781 31634
9.5 x 14 hoop 240 x 240 16376 33181
10.7 x 10.7 hoop 272 x 272 18339 37348


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