Crazy Quilt Series 5 Complete Series

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Crazy Quilt Series 5 Completed Series crazy quilt machine embroidery designs! This series is a sew and flip method of piecework. There are no applique lines holding the pieces down which gives the designs a low stitch count so they stitch up quicker! These are super easy and a tutorial walks you through the first few steps of each block with step by step color charts that will walk you through the rest.

This series contains 20 original crazy quilt blocks! There are 40 files in each format. One with an applique edge (ap file) for appliqueing onto bags or free standing and one with a thin zigzag unfinished edge and a seam allowance for making quilts (qe file.)

If you need exact stitch counts on each block please refer to the individual sets.

Hoop Size Stitch Counts From Up To
4 x 4 hoop 5890 10291
5 x 7 hoop 7228 13252
6 x 8 hoop 8215 14574
7 x 10 hoop 9809 17693
8 x 12 hoop 10569 21104
9.5 x 14 hoop 12509 23585
10.7 x 16 hoop 13926 26165

Completed 5×5

Completed 8×8

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