Good Ol’ Days Single Swing Girl



Good Ol’ Days Single Swing Girl is the first in a series of Special Edition single crazy quilt machine embroidery designs. Swing girl is lost in dreamland in a relaxing place lost in time. What a great way to spend a day, dipping your feet in a cool stream watching a sunset with the smell of flowers all around!

Each block in this series will be released as singles and once completed will be sold as a series but they will not be sold in sets of 4.

4×4 – 3.90×3.90″ or 99×99 mm

5×5 – 4.99×4.99″ or 127×127 mm

6×6 – 5.89×5.89″ or 149.6×149.6 mm

8×8 – 7.83×7.83″ or 199×199 mm


Swing Girl


Swing Girl